Perfume For Men: How to Choose the Right One?

Perfume man

The benefits of wearing perfumes can hardly be overemphasized. This is perhaps the primary reason why they tend to be growing in popularity amongst people in recent times. However, it should be noted that you are only entitled to such benefits when you make use of the right perfume.


Are you struggling to find the right perfume for men? Do you know that getting access to the right perfumes that are meant for men isn’t as difficult as you must have been considering it to be? This is what you will be discovering in this post. You are going to be exposed to some of the tips that can help you get the right perfume for men today. Discovering these tips will help to ensure that you don’t get it wrong whenever you go shopping for your favorite perfume.


Search by Family


This is very important but very few people do it. You have to try as much as you can to ensure that you are familiar with the various scent families. You need to know the scent family which you are always comfortable with. Every scent falls into one family or the other. These could be flora, citrus, oriental or spicy perfumes. It is always a wrong idea to buy perfume samples without having any knowledge about which family they belong to.


Always Test


Before you pay for any perfume, you need to test it out to be sure of what you are getting. This is very important most especially if you want to make a switch from the one that you were making use of in the past. You need to have a firsthand experience about its fragrance and know if you will be comfortable with it. For instance, whenever you want to purchase a Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel; you need to test it out to see how good it is on your body.

Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel

Ask Others Around


This is very effective but it can only work when you are the type that is conscious of the perfumes which friends and loved ones wear. If you are with someone and happen to like the perfume he is wearing, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for the name of such a perfume. People buy niche fragrances most times based on recommendations of friends and family members. This is similar to a third party review which can always be trusted.

Luxury Perfumes for Everyone

Versace Eros

Purchasing luxury perfumes might be a tough investment to some. So, if you are trying to look for your next perfume, try some perfume samples. It allow you to choose the right one for you before buying. It is now easy for you to pick the right one by just browsing online.

Versace Eros

This is a unique perfume for men, especially made for a passionate and heroic man that symbolizes a Greek God, named Eros. Versace Eros perfectly resembles sensuality & strength. It also reflects passion, desire, and love. The perfume symbolizes a confident and strong man, as it creates a very unique aura and fragrance around you.


This perfume, Versace Eros perfectly interprets men’s masculinity through its unmistakable aroma. It opens with mint leaves with juicy lemon and sweet apple that makes you feel so fresh. The fragrance heart consists of bewitching geranium, and playful bean. And its base includes warming cedar, pure essence of moss, exciting vanilla, and vetiver.


This unique men’s fragrance fully represents triumphal seduction and expresses strong desire between men and women.  The bottle’s dominant color is a masculine shade and boldness of turquoise. Its dominant color is the clear representation of Mediterranean Sea, lifestyle there, culture in the modern form, and Roman arts. This fragrance is best suited during summer months as its perfect aroma will truly refreshes you.

 Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely

Remember Sarah Jessica Parker? She’s one of the most popular American actresses who is the countenance of this perfume and its whole brand. This perfume symbolizes love, tenderness, and beauty – lovely. It surrounds with playful elegance and an extraordinary charm.


In the beginning, you will be attracted with its sweet mandarin, fragile lavender, and pure essence of apple. While the seductive orchid, rosewood, aromatic patchouli, and cedarwood are hiding in its scent. The floral composition and tender woody of this perfume brings you harmony and refreshing clarity.


The base of its smooth Lovely dominates by the exciting musk and white amber, leaving you a pleasant and tender essence in your skin. So, ladies if you are looking for the most romantic and charming fragrance, this is the best choice for you. You can also purchase it at highly affordable prices at discount perfume online stores.

 Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal

If you are looking for a light and fruity and flowery fragrance, Versace Bright Crystal is the best one to purchase. Bright Crystal is another popular brand of Versace. This fragrance is appealing and very tender that can attract everyone’s interest. With it citrus fruit, you will be able to experience the refreshing smell and it slowly changes to sweeter fragrance that bear tones of magnolia and peony.


Its excessive sweetness is perfectly balanced by lotus blossoms, resulting to pure, soft, yet vigorous feminine and even sensuous. This is well-suitable during summer months however, you can also wear it for the year around reminding you romantic and warm summer evenings because of its summer flower aroma. Bright Crystal fragrance is perfect to any woman. It can also make you feel wonderful and brighten your day. Just like other Versace fragrances this Bright Crystal perfume is also housed in enchanting bottle that is truly original as fragrance itself. It can be purchased from stores that provide a great discount perfume online.

How to Take Care of Damaged Hair

Damaged hair

It is really difficult to avoid dryness and consequent damage of hair, when all sorts of chemicals have made your hair their abode. It is elementary biology knowledge that the hair is divided into three layers. The first layer being the medulla, the second being the cortex or middle layer, the outer layer being the cuticle. It is this cuticle that protects the hair, but once it is damaged, the hair becomes dry and very brittle. This is because the heat, pollution, sun rays and the chemicals called cosmetics applied on the hair, all combine to damage the hair cuticle.

How you unknowingly damage hair

You do damage to your hair when you bleach it. This is because bleaching erodes the cuticle and opens the hair up to all kinds of chemicals and they end up rendering the hair brittle and lifeless. With no moisture at all to spare.

Dyeing the hair is another problem that seems harmless but actually harms the hair. The chemicals that constitute the dye are very harmful to the hair, as they open up the hair’s cortex. The damage this causes can last for as much as two to three months, even when you have begun to give proper care to your hair.  The ones called permanent dyes are even the worst.

Perming is a very bad thing to do to the hair, as it restructures the hair from its natural form to another form. This means that the chemicals break up the bonds that are naturally holding the hair’s original structure, and then alters these bonds by rearranging them in a different way. This weakens the hair shaft and exposes the hair to all sorts of harm. Still wonder why some people’s hair smell so horribly?

How you know your hair is damaged

The easiest and best way to know that your hair has been damaged is to grip it upside down and run your fingers through the ends of the hair. And if the ends are feeling rough or less smooth, then the hair is damaged.

Another way to know your hair is damaged  is if your hair snaps up whilst you are combing through it. Or it snaps up when you run your fingers through it. Then it means that your hair is no longer tensile and has lost its strength. And this usually occurs when the hair cuticle is damaged.

How to care for damaged hair

Once all the above mentioned indicators are glowing red in regards to your hair, then it is time to repair the damage. Start by chopping off the hair locks. If the hair is extremely damaged, apply Rene Furterer Karité, or another Rene Furterer products for damaged hair; it helps to form a nourishing mask that protects your hair.Rene Furterer Triphasic vht+

Perhaps your hair ends are feeling dry like dry grass then you have to trim them before you can begin your hair restoration measures. And what better way to start your hair restoration process if not by using Rene Furterer Triphasic vht+ which helps to regenerate your damaged hair. As well as Rene Furterer Absolue Kératine, which is also great for the renewal of extremely damaged hair.

Best Bar Soap and Why You Should Use Them

bar soap crabtree and evelyn

Searching for the best bar soap that is more effective and healthier for your skin? If yes, then worry no more as there are already huge numbers of bar soaps sold in the market today for you to choose from that will suit your needs and your skin type.

Here are the lists of some of the best bar soaps you may try and the reasons why you need to use them:

Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater

Crabtree and Evelyn is here to help you out as far as bar soaps are concerned. They are known to offer some of the best bar soaps for healthy and effective healing properties for your skin.  One of the best they offer is the Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater.

This bar soap makes use of traditional procedure in making soap that guarantees pleasant washing and creamy unique foam. This has also nourishing element that leaves pleasantly satisfied and smooth elements in your skin.  This bar soap is free from phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol and mineral oils. The ingredients used in making this bar soap highlights shea butter, rose oil and evening primrose oil that offers huge numbers of benefits to your skin.

You should use this bar soap since it offer healthy and essential effects to your skin. This includes gently washes, softens your skin and makes your body smell to be delicately fragrant. This also doesn’t dry up and irritates your skin making it as one of the best bar soaps in the market.

l Occitane Soap

This type of bar soap brand highlights the use of essential oils and natural ingredients which are carefully selected for healing and nourishing properties. They strive to completely replace all those synthetic ingredients using organic ones. One of the best ingredients used by this bar soap is that immortelle which is a healthy flower with enchanting smell.

This is a brand of bar soap that will always make you feel very special because of the fragrance that it offers to your body. This may also give you essential effects as it heals some of the unwanted skin illnesses and diseases you are experiencing.

Roger & Gallet

This bar soap brand puts a healthy impact to human behaviors fragrance aspect. Their bar soap contained natural oils that came from rare plants which are proven to be suited for different types of skin. This is also free of colorants, parabens and silicon. This bar soap also offers exotic extract of different plants such as bamboo butter which is a common and healthy extract that comes from the seeds of African tree.

Whether you wanted to be attracted with the best aromatherapy, or simply acquire a desire to have the best skin, then this bar soap of Roger and Gallet is right for you and will surely meet and exceed your expectations.

These are only some of the best bar soaps you should try to use. Despite of the fact that there are huge numbers of choices to choose from, these three are considered to be the most recommended ones not only because of  the ingredients making up these best bar soaps but also with the healthy and healing effects that they offer on your skin.