Halloween nails tutorial

If you want to have perfect nails for Halloween party, so we’ve got a great type, how to do it! You need only two colors of nail polish and ten minutes of your time. You don’t worry. Everyone can do it!
There are simple steps which can inspire you:
1. Paint your nails in a sparkly shade
2. draw a diagonal line from top to bottom
3. draw a second vertical line
4. draw another diagonal line on the right joining the lines together
5. Join your lines together with small arches between each line
6. continue drawing arches under the first set
   7. repeat step 5tutorial_nails_3 (1)
   8. repeat step 5
tutorial_nails_3 (2)
I hope that you enjoy this little beauty tip for the original Halloween nails loved and most importantly I hope that this idea was a success.